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Friday, January 15, 2010

Help for Haiti: Yele Haiti

I guess it is no shock that I have been missing in action for a few months, and have been very quiet lately. Its something that was a shock to me, but much needed. I really had to sit back and take time to come to terms with the direction my life was heading and to come to peace with where I am at this point in my life. I found that I lost my zeal for writing, and really just felt I was at a crossroad of being happy and being overwhelmed with being at home, struggling financially, having an infant and trying to make it through another pregnancy, but I have come to terms, I have peace and I am happy to say that I have found rest, and while I planned a blog return,that is not what prompted me to blog today.

I still follow all of my favorite blogs, and Crystal over at Money Saving Mom wrote this post today and I just had to show my face for this cause. I am sure that we have all heard about the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and I am confident that as believers we have all been called and moved to pray and to help this country. My family and I are no different and while I continuously received texts and Facebook updates on how to donate, I took my time to research and pray which way we wanted to contribute financially. This may come to a shock to some but we have decided to donate to the Yele Hati Foundation which is musician Wyclef Jean's foundation. And while we no longer listen to his music, his foundation is one that has been around since before the earthquake and as a Haitian immigrant he is always spearheading projects for his native country. I find that very noble and feel what better way to help than to donate to a foundation that has personal ties to this impoverished country.

This has been a touching week for us because while things are very tight here in our household, we still are blessed way beyond measure. I only hope that the people of Haiti find help quickly and that they are comforted by our heavenly Father during this difficult time, but still we are donating half of our grocery money for this week to the Yele Haiti Foundation. I plan to link this post to Money Saving Mom and Crystal and her husband will also donate $10 for each post that tells what they have done for Haiti relief and they plan to match other donations to a charity she has named on her blog. You can get the details here.

I will return with more family updates and plans for my blog as there will be major changes happening here. Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

We already made our donation through the Red Cross. ut I agree with you that Wyclef Jean's organization is a good one to give through.

Kim said...

We are donating to the Red Cross. I understand your need to take a break from blogging. Many blessings to your family. We are donating 50 cents for every comment or link: http://pugetsoundprudence.blogspot.com/2010/01/giving-back-challenge.html

Christian Frugal Mama said...


I blogged and will give $0.25/comment or link!

Savings and Stewardship said...

I'd love for you and your readers to come link up or comment at Savings & Stewardship, where we're donating $1 to World Vision for each entry!

Sisters Of Honor said...

Thank you for sharing apart of your family like.

Gifts For One Gifts For All said...

Thanks for doing your part to help Haitian earthquake victims.

I'm giving $10 eCOUPONs to my online gift store Gifts For One Gifts For All (www.giftsforonegiftsforall.com) to those that have donated to organizations helping the Haitian earthquake victims. When the eCOUPON is redeemed, 10% of the purchase will also be donated to organizations helping Haiti. Read my blog for more details at http:/bit.ly/DONATE2HAITI on how you can receive your eCOUPON for donating.

If you're blog is making donations for comments or links made and you want to thank those that have contributed to your blog, contact me at info@giftsforonegiftsforall.com to a eCOUPON you can give those that have help you give.

Don't forget to contact me to receive your eCOUPON for doing your part to help Haitian earthquake victims.

Alyssa Schroeder said...

Thanks for sharing! I have donated to Compassion & Red Cross. I am also donating $1-$2 for every comment on my blog to Compassion International: http://alyssaschroeder.net

Persuaded said...

You have been much missed Jamala my dear♥

My little guy wanted to donate the $41 he had diligently saved over the last year or so, but I have hesitated as I was unsure where exactly to send the money. Thanks so much for the suggestion of Yele Haiti. I will definitely give it a look-see. It sounds like the sort of thing I am looking for... I would like the money to go to an organization that has long standing ties in Haiti. I was thinking of an orphanage, but it's so hard to choose! So much need♥

I am awaiting your return to bloggy-land with eager anticipation☺

True Hearts Marriages Inc said...

Blessing to you sistah. Our hearts have been heavy for Haiti as well. We are continuing to pray for the country daily and the leading of the Lord regarding our financial support.

I appreciate your blog on family, love, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As there is a large attack on the family that God ordained. Thank you for sharing your journey. I encourage you to keep sharing for your testimony encourages others. And may you to along with your man of valor, merge into that place called oneness!!!

I invite you to visit our blog, "True Hearts Marriages."

Blessings to you and your family. You are in our prayers!!!!!

Peace & Strength,

Jeff & Penny said...

Thank you for your transparency. We will continue to pray with you and for you regarding provision. May God's kingdom continue to be yours; righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.......Penny (True Hearts Marriage Coveanant)