A Marriage After His Heart

My journey and life unscripted as I transition from the role of a single mom living for God to a newlywed trying my best at blending and expanding my family, all while pursing a marriage after God and my husband's heart. Join us on this journey!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Re Post: Birthday Wishes and Blogging Anniversary

primping for mommy's wedding

Today is my middle child's 8th birthday and marks the date I created my blog 2 years ago. We were working through some trying times in our lives as mother and daughter and for me writing and blogging is what gave me a sense of calm and refuge in the midst of the calamity of trying to find a place for both of us to fit in this place called life.

I wanted to pay her a special tribute her as she has been eagerly awaiting this day and constantly reminding everyone of the impending months, weeks, days, and hours until her birthday. She is my constant comedienne, and always puts a new spin on the phrase "out of the mouths of babes". The fridge and the walls can always count on her for creative art decor and we are constantly scouring spaces for new artwork. Her life ambition: To be an art teacher. I thank God for her and the growth that has taken place in her life and our relationship in just the past year most of all I thank God that he has blessed her to finally feel secure and loved completely by a mommy and daddy and her bond with Mark is as if it were created from her beginning.

As I sit today and just reflect on how last year I started blogging the day after her birthday and how far we have come in our life, how richly God has blessed us, and how unsuspectingly he created new chapters in our lives I am truly amazed. It is so moving