A Marriage After His Heart

My journey and life unscripted as I transition from the role of a single mom living for God to a newlywed trying my best at blending and expanding my family, all while pursing a marriage after God and my husband's heart. Join us on this journey!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Back On Track- Somewhat

Well it has been a couple of weeks since my last post, and hopefully I have a good excuse being that the new addition to our family has pretty much consumed all of our time. Also the hubs was on paternity leave for about 3 weeks and I really wanted to spend time with him, that coupled with the fact that we are still moving into our new home and out of our apartment has made for a very busy transition. Thank God for honoring my prayer along the lines of having the house somewhat ready so that the baby never had to spend a single night in the apartment. We have been moving slowly but are in no rush.

Life after baby has been can we say an huge adjustment. Gracie turned 2wks on Wed and as of Monday she weighed 8.15lbs which means she is gaining almost a pound a week. She is getting bigger and starting to develop into her own little unique persona. I really must admit that I did not remember the joy that a newborn baby can bring, plus I am learning that I am addicted to new baby smell. The girls are super excited and it's all I can do to contain them and not have them overstimulate little sister. Nursing is starting to become more bearable, although we have yet to form any type of sleep pattern. For now Mark and I are basically doing the Newborn Zombie Shuffle which I hope wears down before he returns to work next week.

About Miss Gracie's big debut. Unfortunately I have no exciting birth story to share. Basically I checked in the hospital at 4am that morning, my drip was started about 5am, I had strong contractions, but they were no stronger really than the ones I had been dealing with the past few weeks leading up to her birth. Mark and I slept until about 9 am, which we really really needed. My doctor came in around 9:30 and broke my water, my mom and Mark went down stairs to move our car and while they were out, the Anesthesiologist came in to administer my epidural. Well I sent Mark to Sonic on an ice run thinking that he would be right back and not miss any action, but by the time he returned I was hooked to my epidural drip and on my way back to sleep. Around 1:30 pm I was awakened by the nurse to check my dilation, and I was between 6 and 7 cm. An hour later, I felt the urge to push, even though I really couldn't feel anything, something was telling me to push. I informed the nurse who was just as caught of guard as I was, she immediately transformed my room, the nursery staff came up, and I just so happened to be the lucky patient for a nursing class on L&D Clinical Rotation so the next 30 minutes or so ended up being a class in childbirth with me as the student volunteer. Mind you , these students attend Nursing School at the college that my husband works and they
recognized him! Talk about bashfulness going out the window.

Gracie was born at 3:10 pm, just as the bell was ringing to dismiss her big sisters from school. At first i felt a little guilty, I didn't have this huge super exciting birthing story, my labor and birth were painless in the end. To me it seemed like the perfect ending to a rather trying beginning and middle. Thanks so much for all of your emails, comments and prayers! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend from our family to yours!