A Marriage After His Heart

My journey and life unscripted as I transition from the role of a single mom living for God to a newlywed trying my best at blending and expanding my family, all while pursing a marriage after God and my husband's heart. Join us on this journey!

Friday, February 20, 2009

But Only By His Grace Am I Alive Today!

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. James 4:14

Today my friends, I am happy to declare the goodness of God's miracles as today my children could have been motherless and my husband a widower, but God saw fit to shelter me and provide me with traveling grace and mercy. I give him all the Glory, Honor, & Praise.
If I could tell you the one thing that is on my mind, it is that I will always ask God to help me never to take leaving home for granted. To stop and still me in our daily morning rush and routine to always remember to say the I love yous. To not stress so much about the undoing's when I walk out of the door. To not stress so much about the "little details" of my kids that at the end of the day seem minute.
God spared me from what could have been a very terrible car accident. My front tire blew this morning ( but didn't blow) while I was driving on the expressway, in the fast lane at at over 70mph. He allowed it to happen on a day when the city schools were closed thus resulting in clearer traffic and no traffic jams. He allowed me to be able to cross over three lanes of traffic and exit off the ramp at a slow speed with out having to depend on the niceness of other drives to let me through, the lanes were empty, there were no 18wheelers. He blessed that a friendly police officer saw me while I was at the gas station talking to my husband, he sent him over my way to put air in my tire and follow me to the nearest Wal-Mart Tire Lube Express which was less than a mile away. He allowed me to drive on a tire that was not drivable in man's eyes. He allowed me to declare his goodness as a blessing and not a stroke of luck to those I encountered. He showed his face to those who couldn't understand how my tire could blow out, but not blow out as normal under the driving conditions. He left people in awe to scratch their heads and agree with me that it was nothing but a miracle of God. I thank Him for using me in that way.

As I sit and type this, all types of thoughts are racing through my mind. My baby is still a little excited and moving in full force in my belly. My husband has peace of mind as he rushed from work to come take care of me. He feels blessed beyond measure and His first thought was to stop and pray to praise God in the parking lot once he saw me and the tire. But my thoughts go deeper than that. Right now, the cereal bowls that were left on the counter don't seem as important. The fact that my daughter wanted to wear ankle socks vs stockings in the 40 degree weather is so irrelevant to me right now. The grape juice spill that is in the bottom of the fridge waiting on me to make an example out of whoever spilled it is laughable. Whether I am carrying a boy or girl is so petty. The fact that my husband loaded the dishwasher last night but didn't start it is a peon excuse for me to be agitated. The fact that I can't sleep when he snores seems ridiculous because now that's all I want to hear. The last conversation with my father last night still rings in my ear " What ever you do baby, stay saved" The only thing I can think of right now as I sit here crying and typing is to follow his advice.

Nothing else really matters. It doesn't matter if I clip coupons, or home school, or have a bunch of babies, or only one more babies, or wear skirts, or pants, or have perfected Titus 2, or read a bunch of books, or taught my kids how to bake, or sew, or make tea everyday or can argue the scriptures up one wall and down the next. All that matters in that one instant, in that one vapor, is this: Is my salvation strong, is it true, has it been in vain, have I glorified you or myself, when this is all over will I see your face?? So ladies I say all this to leave this point. Life is short, it is unpredictable, and as much as we know not to take it for granted, the truth is we do. We get so caught up in our lives, and out opinions, and our quest to be the best we can be, that we need to remember that God's approval is all we need. And we need to make darn sure we have it before we waste precious, irretrievable time, doing what we think is right in His eyes, but really isn't of importance to Him. If we miss heaven, we've missed it all!
Stay Blessed and Encouraged!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Thoughts and Other Good Reads

I don't think I need to even mention that this cartoon posted in a paper like NY Post at best lacks humor and is terribly reflective of the author's racial ignorance and blatant disrespect for our country's President. You can read the NY times defend the cartoon here. I question the judgment of the editor to allow such a picture to be printed, knowing it would be taken racially and raise tensions among those who find it as offensive as I do. Not only is it terribly disrespectful to the president, it is distasteful and disrespectful to the poor chimp that was shot and the unfortunate circumstances surrounding that issue. I won't even delve into my feelings about that incident, I am very anti- cruelty to animals and despise when they are trained and used for human entertainment and then disposed of when they do what comes naturally which is follow their instinct of a wild animal. I have never been a big fan of political cartoons and while this country has freedom of speech, I find it appalling that we are using it more and more to degrade each other as human beings.

As a former journalism lover and almost major, this age of media sickens me. My feeling about this come right after just days ago participating in interesting dialogue about slavery and race relations over on Terry's blog post Monday. I tried to take the stand of my race not defining me, but I clearly understand now what Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Franklin were speaking about when they were so zealous about racial ignorance. Thank you ladies for teaching this young puppy a thing or two. Trust me I now understand. As much as I would like to think that we can walk through this world being one race in God's eyes, I see that sentiments like these are not going to go away. And while I still remain committed to living my life as a child of God rather than a black woman, I will always remember that I am a black woman and things like this do ruffle my feathers a bit. Now, enough of that moving on to some very good reads that if given the change I would love for you to read.

  • My dear sister Terry as usual has written a thought provoking post after a commenter asked her advice on the best reasons for leaving a church congregation. The comments are well worth the read, and since the question has been answered the dialogue has now turned to scriptural interpretations of "tongues" you can read it here, and I encourage you to read the comments.
  • Mrs.Anna T has a wonderful post today about how she and her husband are handling all that new baby advice. Her answers and thoughts as usual are graceful and God revering.
  • My coffee friend Lylah posted a wonderful post here written in her husband's who is a pastor perspective of the crisis of male leadership in the home and how in this day and age men are failing to live up to them. He also defines what male leadership is through God's eyes. I sent it to the hubs to read, and he not only agreed but sent it out to many men that he knows. Lylah also posts about her stockpile of Great Northern Beans and gives many yummy looking recipes for those beans. Definitely gonna try some of those out.
  • And I absolutely love Shelia at To Love Honor and Vacuum's post yesterday about the importance of finding the right way to take care of ourselves so that we can be the best for our family. Definitely a good read!

Just a few of my favorite things today. I hope you get to read and enjoy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why I Am So Thankful

Mark and the girls
Today I just feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and thankfulness for all the blessings that I seem to have unintentionally overlooked in the past. I was reading this post by Mrs. Anna T and I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry because her testimony of her marriage is nearly mirror my life. I realize that I am truly blessed beyond measure, I am blessed exceedingly abundantly all that I could ever imagine. I have a wonderful husband, beautiful children, both my parents, all of my siblings and peace in my home,heart and soul.
Financially I may not be where I would like to be, but I am where God wants me to be in him, he constantly provides a ram in the thicket for us, and lovingly supplies our daily portion of bread. I don't know how we have managed with what we live on other than it being the miracle of God providing for his people. We have not been forsaken, nor begging bread and the best thing is that this financially challenging time that occurred so early in our baby new marriage has strengthened us as a couple. We both know that we must lean and depend on God together and not throw stones at each other.

I started off a little sad because today that wonderful man that God blessed me with starts his part time evening job. He will leave home at 7am and I won't see him until 10:30 that night, Mon-Thur and every other Saturday mornings. I am glad that God provided a job that won't take him away from services on Sunday and we get the weekends, but the girls and I never really imagined how things would be with him out of our family routine, even if it is momentarily. We have become so dependent on him and his presence that this morning as I was dropping them off at school ( normally his thing) there was this cloudy silence in the car. He normally wakes them every morning with pancakes, and he takes them to the bus stop and picks them up after school, they have developed a bonding routine and now it's off a little. We miss him already. But is such a blessing to know that I have someone in my life who is willing to make the sacrifice of a second job even when it hurts him to be away from his family, so that I can focus more on preparing for baby, taking care of home, and reaching our goal of him going back to graduate school in the fall. It's a small sacrifice now, but the end rewards are so worth it.
On a different note, the girls and hubs had a blast at the Valentine's Father/Daughter Ball.We also had a wonderful family Valentine's Day. We took the girls to breakfast, then we went baby shopping. Friday evening my BFF surprised me buy taking me to Target and buying me the Pack and Play Play Yard that I was looking at. She wouldn't take no for an answer so this is what we walked away with. It's so nice to have best friends!
We didn't get the one I was looking at, we got a better one, we also picked up clothes, bedding, and pampers. Mark and I had so much fun Friday night putting it together when we finally finished we were too excited to go to bed. Just having the crib near our bed drew us that much closer to the reality that we are going to have a child created by the most loving circumstances that will strengthen our bond as man and wife.
Saturday we also took advantage of the VD promotion at Old Navy, and the girls really embraced their inner big sister when they were able to use their coupon to purchase baby items. We walked away with tons of baby clearance items for less than $7 as you can see in the pictures. All and all the Thomas family is excited and greatly anticipating our new arrival. We are truly blessed beyond all that we could ever imagine. Stay blessed and encouraged!