A Marriage After His Heart

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Lest We Forget

Lest we forget that on this day eight years ago Americans were clinging to each other in the hopes of healing from the aftershocks of a hellish nightmare.

Fast forward two presidential elections, a recession, a housing and healthcare crisis later and we are more divided than ever or so it seems for my generation.

I am quite sure that patriotism will be at an all time high today, Washington will stop the perverbial backstabbing and bickering and play nice. Everyone will love America and those who gave the greatest sacrifice will be honored once more.

Tomorrow however, will be business as usual. The hate that was packed away for the sake of today will be resurrected and once again be spewed on cable news networks and the airwaves, bi partisan dispise will fill internet blogs and news editorials. Mud slinging will continue to be blinding as the stench of political corruption will once again fill the air.

Let's not forget that our troops will continue to be sitting ducks in a war that allegedly validates this country's resolve from that hellish nightmare eight years ago that we have yet to awaken from....