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Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Humble Bloggy Opinion the HealthCare Reform Bru- Ha -Ha

It is my heart felt and fundamental belief that no one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick.
Unless you have lost someone due to lack of health insurance because they didn't get proper treatment or diagnosis timely or had to witness someone not taking medication properly because they can't afford monthly prescriptions or someone who looses it all just to maintain health only to get sick again due to the stress of debt, then you will never understand.
Thankfully my nephew had his last round of chemotherapy a few weeks ago and his cancer is no more. He just celebrated his 8th birthday a week ago as an 8 year old should but my sister is still reeling financially from everything. Thank God they live in Memphis and St. Jude's was right there but the medicine was astronomically high and while we went through red tape with TriCare and TennCare it really made me think about this health care crisis and the behind the scenes madness.
At that time we really didn't care whose taxes or generous gifts helped towards his cancer treatment all we wanted was a little boy to have the opportunity to enjoy little boyhood.
I sit and I listen to all the partisan debate and mud slinging and town hall bru ha ha's and I think about the mother or father who has lost a job, can't afford COBRA and now has a sick kid, or wife or husband. What do we do? Do we tell them to pull themselves up the Good Old American Way??? Do we sit back and say see I told you this would happen if you voted for Obama??
Did Jesus give the woman with an issue of blood a political lecture? What about the Centurian? Did he stop to debate about that which was rendered unto Cesar? No He did not, He simply gave what he had to help those who came to him.
I don't know how I really feel politically about healthcare reform, but as a Christian I simply feel that no one should be denied the opportunity to be healed. Maybe this is God's way of turning our hearts and faith back to him, after all He made us right?


Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

All the more...to trust GOD.

Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

Yes, I agree. I'm not sure how I feel, but nobody should die for lack of health care. I just think this new plan is bad because it doesn't care about the elderly, or the very young, like your relative who is 8 years old.

But, I agree -- everybody should have the chance to be healed. Do we really want a sick population, or diseases running rampant in our country?

And, yes, like the last commenter said, we will now have to trust God a lot.

Glad your little nephew is ok. Right -- you just want him well!

A Marriage After His Heart said...

@ Mommy, you are so correct. I too am one of the many without healthcare. when I got married it was easiern cheaper for us to keep seperate plans. my kids were added to his since he was already providing for his daughter. When I came home I found out his ins wouldn't cover my pregnancy as it was pre existing so we opted for pregnancy medicaid... I have to wait until open enrollment to be added on now but through it all I have suffered severe migraines and anemia.... I have learned the power of prayer has worked most effieciently and its free... I do understand that not all feels the same and I just pray for them that they can get the medical attention they need.... thanks for ur input!!!!

Mary, Hello my wise friend how are you! you are so correct, the elderly population is what burdens me the most. it breaks my heart to know that the generations who did not contribute to this madness of a deficit now suffers the worse.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

We have talked about this over the phone, and it certainly doesn't take a rocket science degree for anyone who reads my blog to know where I fall on the issue.

That said, I actually agree with you and if this was just matter of providing greater access to everyone who needs it, it would be a no brainer. But you know Jamala, that it is much more complicated than that. Remember my asking why not just revise and expand eligibility into exisitng programs? I'd be all for that.

The same Bible that says we are to love one another also says that a nation that borrows from many nations and can lend to none is a nation under a curse. And what is being proposed by most people right now would require just that. More borrowing- that your kids and mine will have to repay. They can't raise enough taxes to pay for what is being prposed- not even if they raised the tax rate on the wealthiest Americans to 90%. It still wouldn't be enough.

I would love for everyone to have healthcare. Really, I would. I think it may be possible if the politicians would deal with truth instead of looking out for their own power. As much as I wish the answer was simple and easy, the truth is that to expect folks who don't love God to look at it from a Biblical or compassionate perspective is asking an awful lot. I just don't trust them to do it right, Jamala. I don't.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Oh yes, and Mary makes an excellent point. What is being proposed will absolutely leave the very old and the very young out in the cold. Because they can't work to pump taxes into the system and help repay what they use.

Where is the Godly compassion in THAT?

A Marriage After His Heart said...

Terry- you know I agree with you. I guess what I am saying is that I am so sick of all the distractions from the healthcare crisis that both political sides are creating. I really wish they would just all just shut up... I am tired of the fall out on the regular people. it is us that are always caught in the crossfires of the political war of the ego's..and I get even more frustrated at these so called Chrisitians acting a fool at the town halls... I am just plain sick and tired of the hypocrisy and greed of it all. How is it that " Christian" doctors can go on a mercy mission in the middle of a jungle and give free healthcare but come back to the states and refuse to accept medicare or medicaid because it doesn't allow you to chagre up the wazoo for a simple test??? Those are the things that simply anger me..

Amy said...

The entire debate has turned into a circus hasn't it? Reform is sorely needed, though I am not at all smart enough to make any guesses on what that reform should be.

Part of me is rolling my eyes and laughing as people discuss the rationing of health care. What on earth do they think emergency rooms do? They ration health care and service based off what the people in question need. And this rationing will likely get a lot worse as the ER systems are further taxed by the uninsured. If a person is without insurance, oftentimes the ER is the only place they can get care, turning this important life saving center into a treatment facility for the sniffles, taking beds away from those who really need them.

Already we are seeing some hospital systems shut doors or need to cut services due to issues like above and this will likely only get worse as the recession marches on.

A cynical part of me can't help but wonder if what some people are upset about is needing to pay for something themselves, out of pocket. As it stands right now, whether you have Tricare, a PPO, HMO, Kaiser, HSA or anything else, if you want health services that are above and beyond what is covered, you pay for it yourself. My parents paid for specialists for my sister and myself several times when we were younger. I've taken Peapod to a doctor of my choosing and paid of out pocket in the past. I know numerous others who have done it as well, simply because we wanted or needed something beyond what we could get on our plan.

Insurance isn't really about not paying for something yourself, but a cost sharing benefit that will cover services up to a certain point. Maybe some pundits ought to be pointing out the reality of what insurance is for, what elective procedures are, what a lifesaving procedure is and so forth, before getting into the political drama of the issue. When I'm hearing people whine about Tricare only authorizing one ultrasound during a pregnancy, without just reason for more than that, it seems clear many people seem to be lost on the costs of medical care, do not understand many doctors use above and beyond what is necessary, and so on and on and on. This isn't a black and white issue but has many shades of gray....

And speaking of the Tricare ultrasound issue, all I needed to be authorized nearly unlimited ultrasounds was to bleed a wee bit at five weeks. From just that, I could morph into the "high risk" category for more ultrasounds without so much as a call for authorization. So at least in the Tricare model, it's not entirely outlandish or inappropriate when it comes to rationing care and making calls against unnecessary procedures and hence, cost.

The Henderson Family said...

Great post Jamala!! This whole affair is sad indeed. I, like you, have been ashamed at the conduct of people who label themselves Christian and then go and yell and scream at town hall meetings. A lot of this yelling and screaming is in my humble opinion the result of greed and a sense of entitlement that many of these seniors grew up with living in a nation that has historically given them priveledges above other groups.

That said I am a political conservative and I am concerned about cost but as a Christian I will always take care of the ill and the poor first and worry about the money later. That is what I would want someone to do if my child was in need. Also if I am to err I would rather err on the side of helping others by spending too much money rather than saving money but letting people remain in need.

Just my two cents worth.

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