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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dreary Days & Schedule Changes

Yesterday and today have been rainy, dull and dreary days. In my mind I figured I would make the most of them by tackling some overdue home projects. I figured since I hate driving and getting out in the rain what better excuse to organize photo albums and the like. Sounds good right???

Apparently not to a certain teething, gassy, stopped up and fussy 5 month old. Her schedule includes lying on the couch snuggled with her momma and sreaming profusely if I even think of leaving her side. Graci has decided to spend her rainy day being clingy and comforted. I won't lie I was a little frustrated. I did let her cry for a while as I tackled basic chores but then I thought Wow! I am blessed to be able to switch gears mid day or to even not turn gears on at all. I could be at work dreading the traffic knowing I have to rush to daycare, then home, then start dinner all while psuedo comforting someone who didn't ask to be teething or sick and who only wants the comfort of my smell, my heart beat and my snuggle.

So for now I am cuddled up on the couch with my little one while the smell of fresh bread fills the air. I will get up just in the nick of time to reheat the ginormous pot of chicken noodle soup for her sisters who are crossing the street in the rain, the pot that I made yesterday not knowing how my schedule would change today. It will also be ready by the time my beloved walks through the door ready to switch places as his baby girl has him wrapped around her finger.

I am not going to feel bad, or buy into the speech I hear so often; that I am spoiling my child who has only been in this world five short months. I am blessed because I am what fills her days, hours and minutes with happiness.

I don't know how much longer I have to relish this or when I am going back to work but I know that I am and I have to and until then I will enjoy working for my mini boss & co. the hugs, smiles and kisses are worth all their weight in gold! I am so blessed!
Be blessed and stay encouraged!

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Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

What a beautiful post, Jamala. Really beautiful.