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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life's Good!

Hot Springs, AR in all it's natural and peaceful

I know, I know....I have been away for a long while, and honestly its been on purpose and for what I felt was a good reason. This month marks a year that I have been home and I just really needed some time to adjust and reflect on my stewardship of this calling. That coupled with my lack of Internet, financial challenges, family needs, and an overwhelming bout of writer's block, I just decided to take some downtime from writing online all together. Did it help, yes.... I feel I have a renewed sense of focus and stronger mental and spiritual stability, but my postings will still be kinda sparse until we get Internet back in our home.

Through all of the above though, life has been good... I was blessed to be able to spend the first full summer in almost 9 years with my children. We did absolutely nothing adventurous, we just how do I say it... Chilled! I feel blessed to be able to have the experience of watching Miss. Graci grow into the 4month old that she is today, and to be able to watch all of my children bond together is awesome. I will admit there were many days when I have been absolutely stir-crazy and extremely overwhelmed, but I wouldn't trade it for the world especially when I know that there is a possibility that it may be short lived. Yes, there is a huge possibility that I may be returning back into the workforce. I have enjoyed my time at home, but right now for me and my husband, me returning to work is a matter of necessity and I am okay with that.

I could go on and on, but I am visiting my parents for a brief while and soon will be leaving to return home before that wonderful husband of mine gets off his 12hr shift after working a grueling 14hr shift yesterday. I miss my husband, so if returning to work means I get to see him more then hey, it is what it is. God knows. Before I leave, I will leave you with a few snapshots into our summer! Until next time, stay blessed and encouraged!

me spending a wonderful weekend at Chigaco's Navy Pier

after attending the wedding of a friend.

Mark and his graci-bear

A bright eyed graci @ 1 am waiting for her papa bear

Those goofy big sisters.....

And the lil sister, she has the biggest eyes!:)

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