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Friday, May 8, 2009


In the business of my new life as a brand new mommy, I didn't realize how fast time flies! Today Miss Graci ( with an "i" now, I just found out this is a cooler way to shorten her name) has turned a month old. Time has flown so quickly that I actually had to sit down for quite a while today and think of milestones. As I reflected I remembered that we had this sonogram taken about a month or so before she was born and it is so funny to see how her habits and personality formed in the womb have transitioned over to her life in this brand new world of hers. I can't wait until she starts cooing and gurgling. I really can't wait until she smiles and reaches for me. Right now, I am in love with her gazing at me. It confirms the bond we share as mother and daughter. I know undoubtedly that she recognizes me. She knows who I am. She feels loved, safe, and secure. I am mommy and right now, I am her favorite thing on this earth ( next to milk of course!).

This first picture was taken at around 33 weeks, and we joked about how much she slept like a little princess, even on the sonogram video, we could not get her whole face because she kept her arm up in as if she were just soooo tired!Imagine how tickled we are every time we catch her sleeping now, just as she had been the whole time she was snuggled inside my belly! Its amazing how they don't really change much from being a developing little person, to being a real live "born baby" as her big sister calls it.I will say that I have created a diva! She loves to be hugged and snuggled, which leaves my days pretty much centered around her. I hate to used the term "spoiled rotten" but I have spoiled her rotten. We have got to break this holding habit, because it doesn't really marry well with taking care of the home now does it? But for now, I will just soak in the new-ness as I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be at home with her, all to myself. I will admit that it does get frustrating when I have something to do, and she falls asleep in my arms and when I lie her down it never fails seconds later I hear her cry, I pick her up and of course the crying ceases. All in all, I think about how great of a gift it is that being in my arms is enough to soothe her. That attachment to me, while sometimes can drive me a little crazy, it is a beautiful thing.
As you can see, her shirt says Hug me:

So i oblige with love and kisses!

Happy Mother's Day to you all. I hope you have the most wonderful weekend! Stay Blessed and Encouraged!


Persuaded said...

what a beautiful, beautiful baby♥

and i personally don't believe you can spoil a baby;)

Love Abounds At Home said...

Happy Mother's Day to you as well. She's getting so big. She's enjoying momma loving on her :)

Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

I'm glad that you are holding her all you can. The housework will wait. Happy Mother's Day!!!

MOMSWEB said...

Yes, time does fly by! I look at my first-born, 13, and can't believe my baby boy is looking at me eye to eye...sniff, sniff... Enjoy your baby!

Ace said...

Honey, get a sling and hold and cuddle that baby all you can WHILE you cook and clean. Or, put your feet up, order out and take it all in before the Baby is gone and the toddler is here.

Many Blessings :)