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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just My Humble Opinion

I have been out of sorts lately. Honestly I just haven't felt the desire to blog. Kinda like Civilla, I feel like taking a break, but I also feel that if I do, then I am letting some spirit, some principality run me off. I am not the most controversial person. Actually I am better than I used to be. My good friend Terry posted a very interesting post over the past couple of days, and once again I wasn't 100% sold out on the topic at hand. Not her fault though I don't think she did either. ( lol) Don't get me wrong, the topic was interesting, almost convincing but there is a part of me that just can't wrap my noggin around the notion that this country is going to turn to the persecution of Christians anytime soon. Do we have some waywardness and corruption going on? Yep, sure do. Should we be surprised and appalled? I don't think so. Especially when Scripture tells us that there is "no new thing under the sun". Immorality, homosexuality, lewdness, lasciviousness, all those things that we blog about now, are the same things that are written in the bible. It's not new. I guess I don't understand the concept of becoming outraged and up in arms over something that is just re-dressed history.

My focus is Lord help me navigate through this mess with the right spirit. Help me go through this life and not be sold out to this world. Help me remain to be a peculiar people. Help me continue to be the salt and light of this lost and dying world. Help me to reach out and entertain angels unaware. Help me prepare for your return wisely and not miss you because I am slumbering and sleeping. Help me to keep my lamp full of oil and to keep a plenteous supply of oil needed to re-fuel. Help me to love honor and obey my husband, help me to love and teach my children they way YOU will have me to,help me to love my neighbor. Help me to always want to feed and clothe those who need it, help me to visit the sick and needy, help me Lord to take up my cross daily and follow you.

Teach me how to leave my burdens at the foot of the cross at your feet and to walk through this life with out a worry as the flowers and fowls who toil and spin not, yet you clothe and feed them daily. Help me not to rely on man, but to remember that the kings heart is in your hand and as the rivers you will turn it whatsoever way you want. Help me not to fear those who have rule over me, because I know that you allow all things to work together for my good. Help me to remember that nothing happens on this earth, in this world, in this lifetime, and in my life without your permission


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

This was a good post, Jamala. It is important not to major on the minors, as is prevalent in the blogesphere.

While I actually do believe that it is rather pie-in-the-sky of American Christians to believe that as the persecution heats up on believers around the world, we will somehow remain exempt, I do not think it will happen because of who is presently in the White House. I think it will happen because the Bible is true and our faith, just like those of our brothers and sisters in China, Cuba, Venezuela, and the Mid-East must be tried by fire. I think it will happen because it must before the end comes and we see our Savior in glory and power.

Unfortunately, like every where else, this type of thing must come through the powers that be. That may be in the next 10 years, or 2o years, but we will have to deal with it.

We have such a cushy, warped view of the Christian faith in the US, don't you agree?

I got off the point of my comment which to agree with you that we shouldn't be majoring on the minors, but then it occurred to me that for some, what I consider minor is a major big deal, and what I consider major they may think is ridiculous.

I think the problem is that folks need to read their Bibles more. I think we need to determine what to expend our energies on based on the amount of space given that topic in Scripture. And for me, the majors are repentance, love, prayer, and holiness. But even in that, someone can find a topic that fits into one of those categories and make it the most important thing in the world, can't they?

Persuaded said...

jamala dear, thanks for the reminder to remember all of those *good* things♥

and i think taking a break from blogging now and again can be a very good thing☺

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Mrs. Jamala. I have deliberately kept my blog from being more controversial simply because thats not where the Lord led me. I am not always on point with keeping up with the comments and monitoring my blog. Heck, many times I cant even remember my password!

Its not that I dont agree or disagree with the controversial blogs, its just that my life in THIS season have been particularily draining and hectic (not by choice). To expend excess energy on the blog would be a waste of my limited ability to think rationally when I'm dealing with little sleep and more "to-do" than the 24 hours allows! Every once and a while, I can participate by commenting but I have the added blessing of walking away from it and not looking back, when its not MY blog.

Besides, I REALLY have to practice more of the Bible study time and less blog wasting time!

How is that precious little baby doing?