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Friday, March 20, 2009


Okay, there is still no news on Lil Miss, and let me tell you she is going to be a child of her own mind. One moment she wants to be here, contractions are steady, consistent and they get very close to the 5 minute mark, then they just stop. As soon as I get ready to grab my stuff, start to make phone calls for the girls its like a big old prank she just goes into super chill mode for a few hours.
Nighttime is becoming a very difficult time for me as I can't sleep. Its her most active and I do mean active time and I feel every single thought of a movement. I guess its one of the downfalls of only gaining baby weight and being all belly. I wish I had just a few more pounds on me just for cushions sake. So I end up sleeping most of the day and am awake at night and while at first it was cool, its really not as fun anymore because the hubs is usually in hibernation mode and I'm up in full night owl mode so our sleep rythm is off and I really miss our sleep rythm, I am such a light sleeper now that any sound, light or movement wakes me up. I usually just lie on the couch as to not wake him with my constant tossing and turning plus I found that the couch is firmer and easier to fall asleep on.
But all in all I think it will be over soon, like this weekend soon. YAY
My next topic would be one of advice solicitation. Since the hubs is now working a 2nd, he isn't the bright and enegetic man he used to be in the am LOL, I am a struggling insomniac and guess what my other two are milking us for all its worth. Morning time has become let's say off kilter a bit. I tried the alarm clock like right next to their bed, we do the laying everything out the night before but we still battle this morning "dragging around" mode. I just can't seem to light a fire under them and then everything becomes all chaotic with me fussing and lecturing and getting upset. This won't work once the baby comes so what do I do?? How do I incorporate a desire for am responsiblity for them. At 9 & 7 am I expecting too much?? Advice please?


Persuaded said...

oh girl, i wish i had some magic solution for you... but sadly, i don't:(

we are using the chores on a hand thing i posted about in my blog a few weeks back and that is working out very well... but all this is easier when you homeschool. when the kids have to be up and out by a certain time, you lose a lot of leverage, lol.

you know the old saying, :if mama ain't happy, then nobody's happy?" well, i've found that "if mama's tired, then everything's all messed up!' (doesn't have the same sort of cute ring to it, but it sure is true! lol

i'll be praying for you all, honey♥

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

There are no easy answers for this one, friend. You're already doing the alarm clock, and night before prep.

The only other card left to play is reward and punishment. Well, discipline because you shouldn't have to reward you kids for doing what they are supposed to be doing. As unpleasant as disciple is, sometimes we have to do it.

If they can't use the time wisely in teh morning, then they shouldn't be able to watch tv or movies after school or on the weekends. You are in no position to do a lot of cleaning and Mark is working crazy hours. They have to step it up. That's what families do. And no, they aren't too young to wash a dish, put a way laundry, or sweep up. They can do small tasks to keep things running smoothly.

May you could wake them up earlier? And that may mean they go to bed earlier, which they'll hate, and that could possibly provide some motivation.

I don't know what the answer might be to this one. I hope I said something useful!