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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time To Shop For Baby!

ergo sling w/ infant carrier
evenflo travel system

graco portable crib

medela breast pump system

Well it's about that time for us, that time to start looking at purchasing items for the little one. I will admit that I have purchased absolutely nothing at this point. Not one single thing.
A lot of it had to do with the fact that we were dealt a curve ball one day after finding out we were expecting, I had to leave my job and we were forced to regroup and focus on merging into one income. I planned on trying to work a little, but as most of you know, the first six months or so were up and down for me physically. God has been faithful however that he opened a door and I was able to take a 6week temporary assignment earlier last month. This was right on time because now we have been able to start looking at buying stuff for baby.
For me this is a challenge. I have been out of the baby game for over 7 yrs. I saved nothing because frankly, I never saw this day coming. As a single parent I vowed never ever to have anymore children. Funny how the Lord changes things though, because here I am a little behind on the times, but in the game nonetheless.
So I thought I would first focus on the main items of interest to me. I know that pampers, bottles, bibs, Binky's, onesies, and all the other bells and whistles will more than likely be given to us as gifts, or can be purchased more once the baby gets here. So it's not the top priority for me. However the items I have pictured are the main items of cost and I am going to focus on getting these. Also they are on my must have list. I know that I can probably find them cheaper at Wal-Mart, Craigslist, EBay, Burlington Baby Depot, and even Big Lots. I really just posted the pictures so that I can get reviews from you guys. Like I said, I have been out of the game for a while, and I am older and not as energized as I used to be. So anything that can help me save time and energy gets an A in my book.
We decided not to go with a traditional crib,and/or bassinet. I had all that fancy stuff with my girls and I really don't remember one single night that they slept in it. Since it was just me, it was easier for them to be bed babies, and I nursed which made it so much more easier to feed in the middle of the night. We really had a system going on, I really didn't have to wake up, I could feel them both rooting, I would roll over, pull it out, they would snuggle up, latch eat and fall asleep. I remember burping them both half asleep. I think they knew I had to get up and work so they tried to work with me as best as they could. However, now that I am married and share the bed with someone ( or should I say corner of a bed) we have had the discussion about the baby sharing the bed with us, I have been told a solid and firm no. I submitted and we came to a solution that worked best, we will keep the sleeper by the bed so that I don't have to physically get up and walk in another room. Plus I hate the idea of not sleeping in the same room with my baby. It just doesn't feel right. I think Mark may change his mind though once the 2 hr feeding times come rather quickly. LOL
I really want a nice sling. No reason other than I had used ones before and couldn't really enjoy the benefit of them fully. This time I want a really nice, durable sling. I heard Ergo was the best on the market, if you know of a cheaper, yet goodie, please let me know.
We weighed the option of the car seat/ stroller combo. I found that it was a little cheaper than buying separately. Since this baby will be born in the spring, it will more than likely spend a lot of time outdoors. Especially if the girls get to play softball or soccer. Baby will be at the field with us. And I can't wait until we can take long family walks in park and all that good stuff.
I also want a good breast pump. Mark really wants to be involved in feeding and I want him to have that bonding time with his child. Plus there is a possibility that I will have to return to work to help us reach a goal that we have agreed on. I'll save that for a later post, if I do then I want to still be able to pump my milk. Also with all of the formula recalls this past year, I am terrified of giving my baby formula.
Well I think that about covers it. I am anxious to see what you more experienced ladies have to offer. Where can I get a better deal, what's a better product, any advice, tips, or stories are welcomed.
Have a blessed day!


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

The Medela breast pump was an ecellent help for me when Lil' Princess refused to nurse after 6 months. Expensive, but worth it. I just gave mine to my neice.

The travel system you picked is the one we used and we like it. Fortunately someone bought for us as a gift. We'd been out of the baby game for over 10 years and were so grateful for the help.

I prefer the baby sling, like the one Anna pictured, to the carriers like that one. I've tried both. And while it takes a liitle practice to get the hang of the sling, my baby seemed so much more content in it. I've heard other moms say that too.

hannah's mom said...

I would highly recomend the ergo! I never used it with an infant, but once my daughter was able to hold her head, we used it a lot...mostly for short trips (groceries and other such errands). I still use it for walks when she gets tired (she's almost four!) it was such a good investment! I would second the other comment about alternate types of slings. I had a plain, padded ring sling that I used for every day. from weeks old, she spent a large part of the day in the sling, and we both loved it :) they seem a bit complicated, but with a little bit (and I stress "little") of practice it becomes a second nature. it is so much better for baby to be close to you and get to share your day with you. there are a bunch of different styles to choose from. and different styles are good for different activities...I wish I had had more than one style with my little one.

good luck :) you'll find the right things that will work for you and your family!