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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Thoughts and Other Good Reads

I don't think I need to even mention that this cartoon posted in a paper like NY Post at best lacks humor and is terribly reflective of the author's racial ignorance and blatant disrespect for our country's President. You can read the NY times defend the cartoon here. I question the judgment of the editor to allow such a picture to be printed, knowing it would be taken racially and raise tensions among those who find it as offensive as I do. Not only is it terribly disrespectful to the president, it is distasteful and disrespectful to the poor chimp that was shot and the unfortunate circumstances surrounding that issue. I won't even delve into my feelings about that incident, I am very anti- cruelty to animals and despise when they are trained and used for human entertainment and then disposed of when they do what comes naturally which is follow their instinct of a wild animal. I have never been a big fan of political cartoons and while this country has freedom of speech, I find it appalling that we are using it more and more to degrade each other as human beings.

As a former journalism lover and almost major, this age of media sickens me. My feeling about this come right after just days ago participating in interesting dialogue about slavery and race relations over on Terry's blog post Monday. I tried to take the stand of my race not defining me, but I clearly understand now what Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Franklin were speaking about when they were so zealous about racial ignorance. Thank you ladies for teaching this young puppy a thing or two. Trust me I now understand. As much as I would like to think that we can walk through this world being one race in God's eyes, I see that sentiments like these are not going to go away. And while I still remain committed to living my life as a child of God rather than a black woman, I will always remember that I am a black woman and things like this do ruffle my feathers a bit. Now, enough of that moving on to some very good reads that if given the change I would love for you to read.

  • My dear sister Terry as usual has written a thought provoking post after a commenter asked her advice on the best reasons for leaving a church congregation. The comments are well worth the read, and since the question has been answered the dialogue has now turned to scriptural interpretations of "tongues" you can read it here, and I encourage you to read the comments.
  • Mrs.Anna T has a wonderful post today about how she and her husband are handling all that new baby advice. Her answers and thoughts as usual are graceful and God revering.
  • My coffee friend Lylah posted a wonderful post here written in her husband's who is a pastor perspective of the crisis of male leadership in the home and how in this day and age men are failing to live up to them. He also defines what male leadership is through God's eyes. I sent it to the hubs to read, and he not only agreed but sent it out to many men that he knows. Lylah also posts about her stockpile of Great Northern Beans and gives many yummy looking recipes for those beans. Definitely gonna try some of those out.
  • And I absolutely love Shelia at To Love Honor and Vacuum's post yesterday about the importance of finding the right way to take care of ourselves so that we can be the best for our family. Definitely a good read!

Just a few of my favorite things today. I hope you get to read and enjoy.


The Henderson Family said...


I saw that cartoon this morning and was very disturbed by it. You are right we are Christians first before we are African-Americans. But as Christians we should stand up against racism regardless of who is the target. I believe like so many others that this was a blantantly racist cartoon.

If they wanted to attack the stimulus bill attack it but linking the two stories and basically calling President Obama a monkey is reprehensible.

Armchair Housewife said...

Miss Jamala,

I have to tell you how it tickled me pink to see your comment over at my blog. I have been meaning to send you the VERY SAME little note to your blog this past week, but have been so swamped I just haven't taken the time to do it properly. I have so appreciated your point of view, and your story and your joureny with the lord and with your family. I definitely voted for you guys for the best romance! Because it is one! :)

I'm "following" your blog now, too, and once I'm reading blogs other than Terry's (it's a nice little break from work to wander over there once or twice a day) I'll be catching up with yours. Love the photo of your girls, they are precious! Their friends must think you are their older sister! :)

And thank you for the prayers- they are so appreciated.



Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

You know that I appreciate that YOU appreciate anything I write. And the fact that we are getting to know each other outside this online forum gives me the peace to know that you know my heart even when my virtual pen may leave some doubt as to my sanity or perspective.

Love ya, sis, and thanks for the link!

Lylah said...

well ~ i'm surely blessed..and it's a girl!?! right? so sweet!

Sheila said...

Thanks so much for the link! I'm glad you liked my post!

And remember: take time for yourself! If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! We need to take care of ourselves, too (especially when we're expecting :) )


Anonymous said...

Sad, sick and low. Let me guess, it was a "miss-cartooning."

I think they will regret this little bit of "humour."

Anonymous said...

I think they might have just been referring to the fact that the stimulus was a bad idea. I see your point though.