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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's and All That Good Stuff

Lately Titus 2, wifely duties, and other marital subjects to name a few have been the topics of many a lively blog discussion. But alas we have a wonderful weekend romantic reprieve. So I encourage us all to take a moment away from biblical blog-land and savor the moment of this one day that many of us don't get to wrapped up in.
I don't have a bunch of love day plans, Mark and the girls will be together on Valentine's Day at a Father/Daughter Valentine's Day Ball sponsored by our PTO. I am geeked and excited for them. I think it is a wonderful thing for our Watch Dog Dad's to want to promote the value of the father/daughter relationship. My kids have never really had that experience and let me tell you, they are so excited to attend this event. I realized that it's not about what Mark and I do, but it is about them feeling valued as little girls which will lead to feeling valued as young ladies. Last night we spent hours in the salon getting the girls all gussied up and I came home late to a wonderful surprise! A gleaming, sparkling clean house, with smell good candles lit, laundry roaring, and my bedroom re-arranged in a way that I couldn't even imagine on my best day to make room for baby. My hubs was even generous enough to hang my clothes that were waiting to be hung on Sat, and he stacked and organized my shoes! I am in heaven!

Now I am feeling less overwhelmed and there is an end in sight for baby preparations. I think while he and the girls are out having a ball, I will go out and purchase some of the items on my list for the baby so that when he comes home he can be surprised by the beginnings of our mini-nursery. I hope to have pics to post. I think yesterday I was feeling a little hormonal. Today I am excited. Maybe it was this email from my mom that put it in perspective:

Sounds like a case of Attention Deficit Disorder. No
seriously, I'm serious. But is there anything too hard for God? You are in the process of de-programming your mind from being totally responsible to letting someone else share your power. Remember that you have a husband now and together the three of you (you, him and the holy spirit) will do what has to be done. That is part of what husbands are for. It seems to me that you are making yourself more anxious about a lot of "What ifs". Try focusing more on the "what is". The first "what is" is that you are on God's side now. The next "what is" is that you have a husband that loves you and is a strong, positive influence for you and the girls. Another "what is" is that you have two children who are excited about having a new baby and will be just as helpful to you as you were to me [Well, that might be something to worry about. (..)].

So I guess I will quit my whining and enjoy the blessings in my life that apparently God thinks I deserve! Also check out my post here if you still are looking for a neat little VD present for your sweetheart. Have a wonderful V- Weekend and Stay Encouraged!

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S. Belle said...

Hi. I just wanted to say that I like your blog. And, I pray that you remember just how blessed you are, when it may not seem like it is so.

I struggle with that sometimes, and I try to cultivate an attitude of gratefulness for what God has already chosen to give me. It keeps things in perspective.