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Friday, February 6, 2009

Frugal Friday Scanning, Decluttering and Other Musings

Today I decided to do a Frugal Friday post as I haven't done one in a while. Also I posted another Frugal Friday post over on my other blog SingleMomForGod. Since I have been trying to connect with my nesting phase, coupled with the fact that we won't be out of our apartment until the end of May I have been thinking of ways to de-clutter my home. I have to make room for baby, it's a must, it's inevitable, and it's getting closer. The main thing I struggle with is paper!

Having a daughter who is an aspiring artist, I have tons of drawings, paintings, notes, pictures, and other stuff, and having another daughter who seems as if she goes to school just to collect awards and certificates I have tons of certificates and awards that are collecting. I don't and can't throw them away, but I just don't have enough room for EVERY single picture, or award certificate. I have a husband who loves to write love notes, plus I just hate to throw away stuff that I always feel will come back to haunt me and I won't have letters and forms to refer back to if needed. So while at my job the other day, we were purging files and shredding old documents, the thought hit me to start scanning some of the older things! So I am going to go and see how many inexpensive flash drives I can purchase for each member of my family and I am going to use my 3 in 1 printer and start scanning some of these items on individual flash drives. I am then going to keep them in a safe place, more than likely a fire-proof safe with other valuables and documents and eventually once we get a safe deposit box I plan to transfer them there.

I know computers update, and by the time my kids are old they may not be using memory drives, but the good thing is I can always upgrade to whatever the newest thing is. My idea sounds good in theory, and it may or may not work but it is a very good idea in my eyes and I don't have to worry about loosing important childhood items. I could scrap book and all that stuff, but you know what, it's not me. And I am just not organized enough.

As I stated earlier I posted on my other blog and I am starting to feel led to try and post there at least twice a week. I saw that I still get traffic daily and have been praying for God to direct me on how to keep it going. Now that I am married there are so many things that I see in retrospect and hindsight that I desire to share with those desiring to be married. There is so much advice I have to give on preparing while single for the transition of marriage. So with the Lords help I hope to start posting there when I don't post here.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

I'm working on decluttering around here, too.

I have a ton of awards and old artwork, too! Let me know how you work all that out.

familymgrkendra said...

I use www.adrive.com for storage. It provides 50GB of storage for FREE. It is much easier then flash drives, and uploading is fast. It will stores pics, documents and much
more. Check it out!!! HTH!

You can also check out a blog post I did back in Sept for FREE Online Storage:

Great post and great idea!