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Monday, February 2, 2009

Coupons Really Do Work

We've all been sick with the yucky stuffy head cold stuff that has been going around and actually this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I decided that I was going to conquer the piles of coupon inserts that I have been saving since last year. While most of them expired and I randomly used any of them, they did come in handy for me this week. Normally, it is hard for me to grocery shop under $100 bucks.

I am not one of those wives who cooks stuff up for a rainy day, although I do freeze left-overs, but I am married to a man who believes in nothing going to waste and is athletic to match. I learned to cook in the quantities that are just enough for the four of us with maybe a little left over for the hubs to take to lunch. And I have failed miserably at menu planning. I tried but really each day my cravings and desire for food changes, so it is hard for me right now to just make myself want to eat something that I really don't have a taste for. However I have done really well with planning my meals from the cupboard and almost eliminating the stopping to pick up what I have a taste for and that has helped tremendously!

Thursday- I finally finished clipping, sorting, and somewhat organizing the coupons that I have.
Friday- I went on the Money Saving Mom website and I was looking at some of the deals that were posted, I realized that I had coupons for a lot of them. I normally shop at Kroger and Wal-Mart so I went on the Kroger website clicked on the sale items that I had coupons for, organized them from lowest to highest ( since Kroger doubles coupons) and away I went.
My bill in the end was almost 90 before taxes ;after coupons I only paid 53.00 after taxes for a ton of groceries. I was proud at that moment, and while I realize that some could have gotten away for much cheaper, this was a huge step for me. Then I moved on to Wal- mart and used those coupons that were like $1.00 or more on things I knew I could get cheaper. I walked away saving over 28$ in coupons only paying around 40$ for the household stuff and other things that we use from there. So in the end I was able to shop at two stores and spend the same amount that I spend at one store on groceries.
Saturday- The family and I took advantage of Sam's super bowl madness and made a treat day out of just the samples. We do this at least once a month because #1 its free snacks and the kids love it, #2 it's great exercise for me and fun time for the girls. Saturday they really had some cool eats and despite all the heavy traffic for those shopping for Super bowl parties we had a blast! I also snagged some great near free deals at Wal-greens. They has some items on sale and rebate that we actually used so it was nice taking advantage of their deals and I walked away with some register rewards which I have never done before for next to nothing once I stacked the manufacturer's coupons with those items.

I think this coupon thing may actually work for me although I can't say that I am ready to make a full time chore out of it, I do appreciate that there are blogs out there devoted to them! Have a wonderful and blessed day!


Armchair Housewife said...


I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your comment about marriage over at Terry's blog. I am right at a place where I needed to hear this clear word. I know it's true, but you know how when you're feeling stuck you just need some good exhortation. So just know that your comment was used by the Lord today. Thanks for the encouragement, sister!


A Marriage After His Heart said...

Thanks Nicole, I don't however think other commenters did. I ruffled a few feathers unintentionally.

I just so happen to believe that if God can't change a person or situation that he can definately give us what we need to love and tolerate them or it. It hurts, it sucks sometimes, but it's his promise to us. God doesn't go back on his promises. That's what makes this Christian walk so worth it!