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Friday, February 20, 2009

But Only By His Grace Am I Alive Today!

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. James 4:14

Today my friends, I am happy to declare the goodness of God's miracles as today my children could have been motherless and my husband a widower, but God saw fit to shelter me and provide me with traveling grace and mercy. I give him all the Glory, Honor, & Praise.
If I could tell you the one thing that is on my mind, it is that I will always ask God to help me never to take leaving home for granted. To stop and still me in our daily morning rush and routine to always remember to say the I love yous. To not stress so much about the undoing's when I walk out of the door. To not stress so much about the "little details" of my kids that at the end of the day seem minute.
God spared me from what could have been a very terrible car accident. My front tire blew this morning ( but didn't blow) while I was driving on the expressway, in the fast lane at at over 70mph. He allowed it to happen on a day when the city schools were closed thus resulting in clearer traffic and no traffic jams. He allowed me to be able to cross over three lanes of traffic and exit off the ramp at a slow speed with out having to depend on the niceness of other drives to let me through, the lanes were empty, there were no 18wheelers. He blessed that a friendly police officer saw me while I was at the gas station talking to my husband, he sent him over my way to put air in my tire and follow me to the nearest Wal-Mart Tire Lube Express which was less than a mile away. He allowed me to drive on a tire that was not drivable in man's eyes. He allowed me to declare his goodness as a blessing and not a stroke of luck to those I encountered. He showed his face to those who couldn't understand how my tire could blow out, but not blow out as normal under the driving conditions. He left people in awe to scratch their heads and agree with me that it was nothing but a miracle of God. I thank Him for using me in that way.

As I sit and type this, all types of thoughts are racing through my mind. My baby is still a little excited and moving in full force in my belly. My husband has peace of mind as he rushed from work to come take care of me. He feels blessed beyond measure and His first thought was to stop and pray to praise God in the parking lot once he saw me and the tire. But my thoughts go deeper than that. Right now, the cereal bowls that were left on the counter don't seem as important. The fact that my daughter wanted to wear ankle socks vs stockings in the 40 degree weather is so irrelevant to me right now. The grape juice spill that is in the bottom of the fridge waiting on me to make an example out of whoever spilled it is laughable. Whether I am carrying a boy or girl is so petty. The fact that my husband loaded the dishwasher last night but didn't start it is a peon excuse for me to be agitated. The fact that I can't sleep when he snores seems ridiculous because now that's all I want to hear. The last conversation with my father last night still rings in my ear " What ever you do baby, stay saved" The only thing I can think of right now as I sit here crying and typing is to follow his advice.

Nothing else really matters. It doesn't matter if I clip coupons, or home school, or have a bunch of babies, or only one more babies, or wear skirts, or pants, or have perfected Titus 2, or read a bunch of books, or taught my kids how to bake, or sew, or make tea everyday or can argue the scriptures up one wall and down the next. All that matters in that one instant, in that one vapor, is this: Is my salvation strong, is it true, has it been in vain, have I glorified you or myself, when this is all over will I see your face?? So ladies I say all this to leave this point. Life is short, it is unpredictable, and as much as we know not to take it for granted, the truth is we do. We get so caught up in our lives, and out opinions, and our quest to be the best we can be, that we need to remember that God's approval is all we need. And we need to make darn sure we have it before we waste precious, irretrievable time, doing what we think is right in His eyes, but really isn't of importance to Him. If we miss heaven, we've missed it all!
Stay Blessed and Encouraged!


Jessie-Bessie said...

Thank you somuch for this reminder God bless xo

Persuaded said...

oh, my gracious jamala... praise the Lord you are safe!

and i must say the last paragraph of your post is wonderful. wonderful and profound. how precious you are!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Jamala, I'm so glad you and your little one are ok! I know how scarey these things can be.

You are so right, life is too short to waste on foolishness and thats what its all about when it divides Christians and keeps us from glorifying an Almighty God!

Persuaded said...

Jamala... do you mind if I put your last paragraph in a post on my blog? Of course I'll give you the credit and I'll link back here so folks will be able to read your whole post:) Let know, ok girlie!
love ya,

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Powerful last paragraph, friend!

You know I'm glad you're still among us, and can't wait to get a picture of that little baby in a few short weeks!