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Thursday, December 18, 2008

What If I You Just Don't See It???

James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.KJV

When I started to struggle with things while in the newness of my spiritual life that I could argue or debate against the technicality of Scripture, this is the scripture that would come to me. I started asking myself could I just submit and do or do with out the thing for the glory of God until I received clear direction of his will. Is my defense of how I see things so important that I can't just try the opposite of my will to have the ability to walk circumspect with the Lord ?

I stared to find out that Once I submitted and said " Lord I don't agree with or see this matter that is weighing on my heart but I will humbly submit and see where you lead me", begin to do so then I felt free and clear about the matter and received that needed direction and conviction in my heart about where God will have me to stand on the matter.

As I sit sometimes and read many blogs and blogger comments, I often wonder If on those things we read that we think of as too extreme, or an over-exaggeration of Scripture do we have an obligation to stop and ask ourselves is God trying to tell me something? Is there something he's showing me? No, I blatantly disagree with this sister's point of view but why Lord is it weighing on my heart so heavy? Why am I feeling drawn to devote my time to prove her theory wrong, could she be right? Or, are we so sanctimonious and caught up in our stands and beliefs that we could never entertain that we could have been taught wrong? Or do we just think that certain beliefs calls too much for us to step outside our comfort zone because Salvation doesn't require all that?

I know that we all have different interpretations on Scripture, we have different doctrinal view-points some of them have similar foundations but just a little different structure, but one thing holds true, we all feel that we are blogging in the will of the Lord, to spread a ministry and enlighten the world on the biblical principals that concern us as wives, mothers, and godly women. We jostle each other's creative juices with thought probing posts and revelations but then there are times when we just don't see or agree with another sisters' ministry. Scripture doesn't mean that to us, and things become a tad bit legalistic, or extremist. So who's right? We say search the Scripture to see if what we read is relevant to us and God's will for us; but if we are searching the Scripture defensively with the hopes of debunking another sisters idea are we then keeping an open heart, mind, and will for God to show us that what we have been taught, or discerned from the Scripture was maybe wrong, or maybe needs to move up another level?

Could God show us one thing for one season or period in our lives, and then direct us outside of our comfort in that area to prepare us for another season in our lives? Could there very well be a teaching or way of thinking that makes no sense to us now, but could possible save our children or grandchildren 20yrs from now?

Trust me, I am not naive enough to go out there and try any and everything I disagree with, but in being honest with my one soul there are those things that only God and myself know about that burdens my thoughts and my mind. I am honest with myself about these things, and I take it to God to see if he is trying to show me anything. So many times we think that we are in the Scripture but the interpretation that we get from that Scripture is what we pull from it to satisfy our own will and desire. My biggest fear is that I will become deceived by my own interpretation of Scripture because I want it to fit into my box.

I often think of the story in the gospel Luke where Jesus confronted Simeon Peter after they had spent all day fishing with no desired result. He told them to launch out into the deep. It is evident by their response to Jesus that they were tired, it was nighttime and they could see no way possible to catch any fish but they trusted Jesus and tried the opposite of what they thought they knew and were blessed abundantly. This is the testimony that I want. Lord when I don't see it, when it goes against practicality, can I just do the opposite and launch outside my way of thinking and become abundantly blessed.

There is so much that we can learn from each other, but we need to always have the mindset and expectation that the one thing that we set out to learn may very well not be the thing that God is trying to teach us. Think of the rich young ruler who had obeyed all the commandments but when Jesus told him the one thing that he lacked, he couldn't see himself doing it and he went away sorrowful. Our one thing may not be riches, it may homeschooling, points of view on modesty,make up or jewelry. It could be not working outside the home, or living frugally. Whatever it is that we just outright disagree with due to a scriptural shade of gray, just ask yourself if you are emulating the rich young ruler? Is it that one thing that could possible keep you out of the kingdom of heaven? In my heart of hearts I believe that each and everyone of us has the main mission of making it to heaven and with that mission we should always remember that the road we have mapped out for our journey may involve a few twists and turns that we never saw coming but will lead us there quicker and safer.
All in all we should live every day of our salvation with the same mindset we had when we first came to the knowledge of Christ. The same eagerness to please him and the same child-like humility.

For behold this selfsame thing, that ye sorrowed after a godly sort, what carefulness it wrought in you, yea, what clearing of yourselves, yea, what indignation, yea, what fear, yea, what vehement desire, yea, what zeal, yea, what revenge! In all things ye have approved yourselves to be clear in this matter. I Cor 7:11

Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged!


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Honestly? For me, I can't think of any point of view that dogmatically cling to. I thought I was going to be QF, till I realized I would need another c-section. You know how I feel about homeschooling for my little ones, but I've done public school before and I could do it again if I just HAD to. I love my jeans, but I'm open to dresses only. And while I certainly believe that we need to be at home with our kids, I'll do what's required to feed my kids if it comes to that.

I see your point, though. It's important that we understand that absent the ability to live in the ideal, His grace is sufficient. This is a good post. If I may offer a slight expansion of your thougts?

While I agree that we need to be open, we need to equally open to the fact that there is a "best" option, and that is always the one given in Scripture, regardless of our personal circumstances and/or choices. Too often in the body of Christ, we take liberties with our freedoms that the Bible doesn't offer.

Rosheeda said...

This is a really good post. I have had this same thing on my heart for a while now. There is just so much to this journey. Everyone's walk is unique. Mirroring each other is not the way God designed us. As a body we each have a unique function within. That variety is what makes us function in the best way. If we reduce this journey to doctrine and rules, we remove faith. And then we are no better than the legalists in Christ's day...