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Friday, December 19, 2008

Prayer Request, Pregnancy Advice and Update

My prayer request and my pregnancy update are one in the same. I am now about 23 weeks and getting a little bigger by the moment. Hopefully I'll find a pregnancy pic that I like and post it. So far all seems well. I am way past the excessive nausea phase and only have to deal with it when I eat something that doesn't agree with baby. However, I still am unable to hold down water, juice, or anything non-carbonated. I know that carbonated drinks are not good for me, or the baby but I have been advised that at least ginger-ale is better and to try to keep fluids going through my body. I have never been an avid water drinker, but now that I can't keep it down, it is all I crave. I've tried lemon water, ginger water, ice chips and cubes, popsicles and the likes but they only come right back up. This is causing me extreme dehydration which is bringing on contractions. At first I thought that maybe I was experiencing braxton-hicks and really couldn't remember what they felt like, but over the past week I know that the pain I feel now are contractions. The past couple of days have been intense and last night they were 6-10min apart.

I tried relaxing because my doctor's appt is not until the week after Christmas. I followed the nurses advice to try to keep the fluids coming and to stay off my feet until my doctor's appointment but if that doesn't work by today then I am looking at a possible hospital stay depending on if I have dilated any coupled with IV drip and total bed-rest.

So I am asking for your prayers during this time because we certainly don't want baby coming early at all and I really don't desire a hospital stay and complete and total bed-rest. We are praying that there is no dilation and that I can increase my fluid intake with water or something more healthier than carbonated drinks.

Family is doing great, my girls are growing up to be such helpers. They were out of school earlier this week due to an ice storm here and they took such good care of me and themselves while demanding that I stay in bed and keep my feet up. As a matter of fact I am off to school now to try to spend a few moments with them on this last day of class. Continue to pray for us and we will do the same. I will post an update on baby's progress. Again thank you for your continued prayers and support!

the thomas family


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Have you tried carbonated water with a little bit of lemon? That way you're dinking something carbonated without all the sugar of soda.

Praying for everything to stay well with you and baby.

Mrs W said...

I'm in the first trimester so I'm at the peak "morning sickness" stage.