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Friday, March 6, 2009

Repost & Reflections: The Simple Things & Blessings.

I wrote this post a few weeks into my pregnancy and my coming home. For whatever reason this morning the Lord led me to go back through some of my older posts and I can now see why. He nneded to show me how far I have come, how much I have grown, and how He blessed me to make it thus
far. I thank Him for all that he has done!

Repost :9/21/08
Lately I seem to have been on an emotional rollercoster during what I percieve as a rather discomforting pregnancy. One day I feel happy and a few moments later I feel hopeless and it was during my tears that I realized how misguided I have allowed myself to become.

Surely I am not the first woman to feel physically ambushed, and I can't be the first woman who had an unexpected detour professionally, and I can't possibly be the first woman to fight for her faith that God will keep her family financially stable on one income.
As I sat and thought of this, my tears dried and an overwhwelming since of shame and thankfulness came over me. Shamefulness for taking my eyes off God and placing them on the here and now of my situation and thankfulness for the here and now of my current situation. I have a wonderful loving husband who showers me with attention and holds me up when I am weak in my mind, body, and spirit. To have this man created by God for me to minister to me and build me up spiritually, to step up for me with our children, and who picks up my slack around the house when I can't is a blessing within itself.
To have our needs met and our dollars stretched in this failing economy is nothing short of a miracle as God truly knows our finances. I truly have a fishes and loaves testimony! To have both my children leave home each day and return without a care in the world, basking in the innocence of childhood is worth a thousand praises.
I had to be reminded that although my life may not be this ideal picture that I painted, it is wonderfully, beautifully and wholly created by the One who deserves all the Glory, Honor, and Praise.
- Stay Blessed and Encouraged!


Persuaded said...

it's so nice to hear you sounding so much more heartened my dear:) continuing to pray for you and the rest of your sweet family((hugs))

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

Spoken like a woman after God's own heart! Praying that you feel better soon, friend.