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Monday, September 8, 2008

A Good Excuse For My Absence

Okay, I have been absent from class a lot lately, whole lot as a matter of fact! I promise I have a good excuse though, as you can see from the above ticker the Thomas' have been quite busy with a little project...... We are expecting, pregnant, with child, and any other way of coming to be that I didn't add.

As most of the jokes have been, no it seems that we wasted no time, and while we didn't get a honeymoon baby we got a just came back home from our honeymoon baby. The funny thing is that while we didn't plan it exactly, we didn't exactly not try and honestly I struggled with that. I figured that since it had been about 7 or more years since I had a child, and I was 7 or more years older that I wouldn't get pregnant so soon- well you can see that medical estimations are not my strong suit. To top it off I feel as though I have been pregnant forever, because I took one of those early response tests and I found out early last month while at my brother's wedding so we have known for a while now. Actually I found out the day before I made the hard decision to leave my job and for me that was a huge leap of faith. I proved my God and thus far he has been faithful to me.

We are over the moon though, the kids are super excited, and we are excited with the decision to talk openly about it so early. One of the things I refused to accept was the fear of miscarriage. That overwhelming desire to be protective of our blessing for fear we would have to come back and explain if the baby didn't make it, is the tool I used to increase my faith in God. We talked to our families, our church family, and the girls about it as soon as we found out, and we figured that it would be so much easier to have a lot of prayers and support that to worry about a few possible condolences. Of course you know I received some opposition for speaking out so early but all in all having the miracle of creating a life expectantly with my husband as ordained by God is something that I could never silence.

I remember thinking, are we out of our mind, we just got married, we haven't lived by this planned time table, how are we going to do this, but God reminded me that he took care of me when it was just me and why would he now take care of me now that I have done everything according to his will outlined by his word!

I will say upfront that we are praying earnestly for and claiming our son, but we will be delighted with whatever bundle of joy God blesses us with. I am just a firm believer and letting my God know exactly what I desire, because I know that as long as I obey him, he will grant me the desires of my heart according to his will. My husband is the only child of his father who is deceased and there is a huge desire for that legacy to go on so we are trusting in God in this area.

Physically I have been just whipped. This by far has been the most difficult pregnancy. I am sick 24-7 and I can't keep anything down. I mean nothing! I had morning sickness a little with the girls, but it was over by mid-morning and the end of the first trimester, but this little one is different. I am constantly sick and nauseous. I have tried everything and right now nothing is staying down. The one thing that is constant is that I have this excessive salivation which prompts the vomiting and I constantly walk around with my notorious "spit towel" which makes me feel so unattractive and it was a dead give away with my mom and all those close to me. Everyone kept telling Mark, if you see her spitting in a towel, she's pregnant!!! Any advice for relief on this one will be so greatly appreciated!

Well I guess I will end here, I have these small spurts of energy and my spurt has spurted out! Thanks to you all who have emailed me wondering why I have fallen off the planet- as I said earlier I had a good excuse. I do hope to post more because I miss it so but in the meanwhile- Stay Blessed and Encouraged!


Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

This is probably the last thing you need to hear but all my pregnancies were fairly easy so I have no advice offer on that front.

However...I AM SO EXCITED!! You'd think I didn't already know!

Congratualtions again, friend. I am so happy for you.

Alicia said...


Lylah said...

oh....how wonderful! a little blessing added to your family. THIS nana is jazzed. congrats! Big congrats to you both...

and, i'm so glad you stopped by and said HELLO over at the lylah blog.



Mrs. Amy Brigham said...

How wonderful! Congratulations! :D

Ashley Dumas said...


I am a reader from Terry at Ornaments of Grace. I was a single mom for 7 years (to one girl) when I met my current hubby : ) We got pregnant exactly 1 month after our marriage and while it was quite a whirl wind of change and adjusting for us all, it has been the most perfect experience! Our little one seemed to further cement the bond growing between all of us.
Congratulations and don't let anyone say that your crazy!


Rosheeda said...

I wondered where u were hiding! Congrats, girlie! :-)

Persuaded said...

How on earth did i miss this post? it's been up since monday and i haven't seen it! well i've been a bit awol myself so i guess that's why... warmest wishes on your wonderful new blessing, my dear((hugs))

praying for you daily, hon:)