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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Joyus Occasion

Today, six weeks after my wedding we are in Shreveport to attend my brother's wedding. We both were engaged in January and in the spirit of good old fashioned sibling competition coupled with the fact that I am the eldest, I called first dibs on the earliest wedding date. In true "lil bro" fashion he chose to follow in my footsteps six weeks later.

Although our stories are polar opposites with mine being courtship, and his being the tradional dating leading to engagement story, I am still proud of the choice he made. My new sister ( I don't really like the "in-law" title) fit in the family from day one. She keeps him very grounded, loves my family, is a true southern woman and is a wonderful match for him. She was also one of my bridesmaids.

It was a wonderful journey to share wedding planning stories, share deals on supplies, pass down decor, and all that other wedding planning "stuff". She is not only my new sister, but a trusted friend. I am thankful that they are both able to share the love that God gives two individuals that he has designed to form together as one flesh.

I pray that they will contiue to love each day more than the day before, and seek God in their marriage as well as loving each other the way Christ loves the church.

Now my parents can let out a sigh of relief. Two down, two more to go!!!

Congratulations Will & Sherwanda! We love you!

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Persuaded said...

warmest wishes to your brother and his sweet bride. my gracious.. what a wonderfully exciting summer for your family!

praying for you all, my dear((hugs))