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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Married To My Opposite: The Organized Plan Man

One would think that since I was a single mom for the majority of my adult life that I would have an organized routine down to the second. Sadly, I don't. However my hubby is a man of plans. Everything has to "have a plan". I think that's his signature phrase, "we need to sit down and come up with a plan" I often tease him that he has to have a plan, to plan for a plan, but I can't knock him for wanting to do things as the bible states: decently and in order.
So I guess the Lord knows that I need someone in my life to help keep me focused and committed to a working plan.

Scripture also plainly states that we need to sit down and count the cost before doing anything. I will be the first to admit that I have not practiced this diligently in my home life as I should. I am nowhere near, close to or even in the same ball park as the Proverbs 31 woman. I believe that spending so many years of being on the go, and living in such a hurried state left me conditioned into thinking that I just can't live on a calender, or planner or any of those other homemaking organizers that many homemakers swear and live by.

So, since I see the error or my ways, and I married a man with a plan, I have to condition myself to consistently follow a more structured routine. With that being said, I plan on taking this long weekend to sit with him and our girls to develop a family planner/schedule, and with his prayer and guidance condition myself to convert to routine-ness.

I have often heard it said that it takes 21days to form a new habit. I am going to Guinea pig myself to see if its actually true. I believe that God can do it for me in less than 21 days, but it is going to mean that I am going to have to diligently die out to my will on doing things my way. This should make for interesting updates on this blog. So pray for me that I keep an open mind and will to change my destructive non-organized lifestyle, and adapt a more structured, decent and in order lifestyle that my husband needs to live in.

Ps: If anyone has any advice to solicit, or any templates of planners please email me. My email link is off to the side, or you can leave it in the comments.


Terry said...

I'm a planner married to a guy who flies by the seat of his pants, LOL.

A Marriage After His Heart said...

WOW, I feel Al's pain:) LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm also a planner, but I'm not rigid. I leave room for flexibility. The best starting place is to watch you family for a few weeks. As you do this, notice what things are consistant. Set doctors appointments, outside activities, errands, etc. When you have this down, the things that HAVE to be done, then you work around those things. You dont want to just jump in and shake things up because then your looking at a mutiny!

Look at your downtime, how much do you have? How can you best use it? Utilize your computer and calander. Centralize your work space and then write it down or input it into your computer calandar. Use some of your downtime to write up your grocery and to do lists and plans for the following week.

Just remember to be flexible where you can and consistant where you have to be! I'm so excited and happy for you Mrs. Thomas! I hope I've been able to help a little bit!

God bless

A Marriage After His Heart said...

mrs. franklin,

you helped a whole lot!!!

Mrs W said...

I personally hate it when people actually think we can plan out our lives. I am not interested in all those home maker journals and notebooks. Many years ago women did just fine without them, I really think they are just a money making racket. For people who plan every nitpicky detail, they need to understand that God can disrupt those plans any time He wants to and often will. Some people get upset about that which is why I don't think we should plan every nitpicky detail, because God usually has other plans.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. W. I am of the same elk. I dont buy into the planners and notebooks, they dont work for me. I do use a wall calander and my computer calander for appointments and such. I learned not to long ago not to go with the ebb and flow of whats the "in" thing on the net. The detailed notebooks just dont do it for me. I do have a loose schedule that simply has to be in place as I am a homeschool mom, student AND I work 15 hours a week, not to mention being a grandmom and having a soon with extracurricular activities. I need to know where is where and what is what. Its the responsible thing to do. Of course, God has the final say in all plans, but I dont believe he frowns on being organized and prepared. We are to do things decently and in order. We make our schedules, whether on a scrape of paper, calander or organizer and ask him to bless it or change it. He does give us the desire of our hearts, we just need to ask him and if its in his will, it will be done. We have not because we ask not (cant remember the verse)

Besides, some people are not naturally organized. They need to write it down and plan or something will through them completely off. Do I suggest a strict, nothing can change or alter my plans on pain of death schedule, no. Plan and pray. We are just not to be a slave to those plans, we approach each item on the list with thanksgiving that we accomplished one thing and pray that the next thing can be done and if not, know that God has a reason for "disrupting" our schedule and then we go with the flow.

Wase money on elaborate organizers? Not I. Use what you have and work with it.