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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Perception vs Reality

"Perception is everything"- or so the saying goes. I have heard one to many times in my life how its not what you think, do, or say but it's how others perceive what you think, do, or say. The funny thing is, that for the longest, I agreed with this statement, but I am slowly starting to take a step back and look at the meaning through spiritual glasses. I believe perception is just a plain old trick of the enemy, the father of lies, and the master of illusion.

If we are truly guided by the Holy Spirit in all that we think, do, or say then a person's perception should reflect the same. When we speak, do and say of our own, this is when perception gets all misguided and misaligned.

I realized this today as my husband and I were busying around the house. Our kids are not with us this week so it's just the two of us, no distractions, and our honeymoon phase should still be intact right? Ahh Ha, but then comes the lie of perception. It's like this perpetual raining thunder cloud coming out of no where on an otherwise bright and sunny day trying to breed confusion. But thankfully the reality in our life is that the word of God is our umbrella to shield us from those thunder clouds of perception, imagination, misunderstanding, confusion and every other little evil germ that tries to breed discontentment in our otherwise bright and sunny marriage.

I see now more than ever that a couple must be so closely knit, and so close to God that they can both stay sheltered under the protective umbrella of God's word. That's just the reality and if we don't keep it a reality one of us will be forever hit by the deceptiveness of perception which in the end will become a huge cloud in our marriage.

I love my husband for his closeness to God and his eagerness to keep us both walking in step, in sync, within the will and protection of God. And just to show the enemy how close to God we are, I am going home tonight to cook his favorite meal: smothered pork chops, cabbage, veggies and cornbread ;) This victory goes to the newly weds! We can't wait to get many more under our belt, together, through the power of God.

Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged!-mrs. thomas


Terry said...

You are so right. Perception is not reality. That's why we must lean on God and His word when dealing with each other, whether in marriage, motherhood, or any other relationship. Perception can be deceiving.

Our PERSPECTIVE, however, makes all the difference in the world. If we don't have the discernment to see beyond the fickle feelings of the moment, we can get all messed up.

With the wisdom you express here, I feel confident saying that you will have a happy and healthy marriage. Enjoy your dinner. It sounds delicious!!

A Marriage After His Heart said...

Thanks Terry, I mean Pollyanna :)

A Marriage After His Heart said...

Thanks So Much Pollyanna:)

Terry said...

Thanks for the compliment, Mrs. Thomas!

Asia said...

amen to you sis

Persuaded said...

how very sweet it is to read about your life as a newlywed... and how you both are rising to the challenges complete in Him! i am so praising God for His work in your life, m'dear ((hugs))