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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally Up For Air

Ooookay, The Thomas's have officially come up for air from our honeymoon bubble and are now back into the real world. Today is my first day back at work and life is once again busy. I only have a few moments to post and I hope to post more later this week.

The wedding was beautiful. I have some of the ceremony on video that I made my mom take while we were saying our vows and I will post tomorrow. You can go to this link here, which is my photographer's blog and see a few pictures. Hopefully the rest will be out this weekend and I will again post so that you can see pictures. Unfortunately everyone took pictures but no one used my camera so I don't have pictures just yet to share.

I love being married. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband. Mark is so considerate, protective, and understanding. While we were on our honeymoon I was not allowed to lift a finger, no cooking, no cleaning, nothing! I just lounged around our beautiful cabin and for the first time in my life experienced the feeling of being waited on hand and foot. We had a wonderful time and if anyone is looking for a great place to get away, Pigeon Forge, TN is EXCELLENT. The cabins are first rate and it is truly a family friendly place.

I gotta run now, but will be back to post soon. Oh yeah, I hope to have my profile, and template updated before weeks end!

mrs. thomas


Terry said...

The pictures are beautiful!! I noticed on the last one that you'd had quite enough of the high heels, huh? LOL! It is obvious that you guys had a wonderful, beauty filled day. I couldn't be more thrilled for you.

Side note: our family vacationed in Pigeon Forge a few years ago and we agree with you. It is a fun, relaxing, family friendly place to vaction. And the Smoky Mountains are beautiful too. You can't help but stand in awe of God and His magnificent creation.

singlemomforgod said...

Girl those heels were killing me, and we stayed until the end cleaning up and all. My decorator's were also in my wedding party and had spent two nights and three days inside the church decorating, so I stayed behind to help with the clean-up. I can't wait to post the video.

The mtn's were the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I love nature because in all man's genius, we can never out decorate God and his awesome landscape

Mrs. Amy Brigham said...

Your wedding photos are gorgeous! Y'all look so very happy! :D

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Thomas, your smile is so radiant and beautiful! The love and joy is so present and evident in everyones faces. Your girls are gorgeous!


Asia said...

wow, i trully wih you the best. i get so happy to see people geting married. congrats

Persuaded said...

oh, jamala... those photos were so beautiful! the girls are precious and you look just like the princess that you are!

sigh... i only hope my own girls' weddings will be half so lovely((hugs))